In the Colorado Mountains to Write My Book on Oswego County Search & Rescue

I just returned from Ouray, Colorado, a tiny town nestled in the San Juan Mountains. It's called "The Little Switzerland of America," and there's good reason why. The town is surrounded by "Sound of Music" mountains. I walked three or four blocks and I was in steep mountains. It was a perfect setting to wrap my writing on the Oswego County Pioneers Search and Rescue Team. How inspiring to look out at or walk in those beautiful mountains and think of the challenging and inspiring work that our men and women searchers have done here on the East Coast.

I'm back home now and the book is in the final editing stages. It should be ready to purchase (all profits from the book will go to the Rescue Team) by early December.

Here's a few photos of the beautiful scenery I was immersed in for the last three weeks and also a picture of a friend who stopped by to visit me every day. I am one lucky guy!