Writing Classes

Classes are generally a balance between my instruction, which will include information and helpful writing tips for new writers, and the creation of a safe sharing environment, where writers can feel comfortable to further develop their work.

Class Locations

CNY Arts Center, Fulton, NY
Fulton Public Library 

New! Host a writing class!  I am also available to provide classes at a setting of your choice. Decide upon a writing topic you would like to have me teach, discuss the details with me, invite 5 to 10 friends and I'll come in and teach for you. Class can be as few as three hours or as long as a weekly class for six sessions.  Fees: $10.00 per hour (fees charged will include preparatory planning, planning meetings with you, and actual class time).

Upcoming Classes
At the CNY Arts Center

Building Your Writing Muscle

Course description: A class for new writers or those struggling to establish a productive, consistent environment for their craft.  Activities will help participants gain an understanding of their unique writing needs and develop a setting and schedule to serve those needs. Some class time will be spent on sharing short excerpts from participant’s writing.

Dates: Wednesdays, April 15th, 22nd, 29th, May 6th, 13th, and 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Location: The Arts in the HeART Studio, 47 South First Street, Fulton.

Fees: $60. To register contact the Arts Center at 315 (598-2787) or at their website: www.cnyartscenter.com 

At the Fulton Public Library

Fulton Memoir Project

Course description:  These classes are to help people write a short (5 to 6 page) memoir about growing up, working or living in Fulton. The classes are tied into the Library's Memoir Project (see this website's homepage for more information) and are designed to help support the participants through the memoir-writing process. No previous writing experience is necessary.

Dates: Thursdays, Class I: June 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Class II: July 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Location: The Fulton Public Library, 160 South First Street, Fulton.

Fees:  free. To register, contact the Library at 592-5159 


Here's a snapshot of some of our recent memoir writers from the Fulton Library project. We are having a great time! At this point, about 35 former and current Fultonians have written a memoir about their experience(s) in our city. Stories are ranging from the businesses and industries to the schools and youth organizations to the joys of our lake and its recreational activities. Please consider joining us for the August session (see above) as we get ready to share these great memoirs with our community in September. And the Fulton Library has agreed to publish the book in the near future!   - photo by Colleen O'Brien

Class Comments

“I have had several opportunities to work with Jim Farfaglia.  I always learn things from him. He is very supportive and instills confidence which makes me a better writer. I like that he doesn’t pretend to know it all and stands next to you instead of being superior to you. He is articulate and has great people skills.”- Linda Hannock, retired teacher 

“I have taken four writing classes taught by Jim.  Each class has been organized and well prepared. He makes everyone feel welcomed and makes each person feel that they have something to contribute. With Jim’s encouragement, motivation and willingness to help, I have been able to continue with confidence in writing my book.”- Diane Sokolowski, Fulton

“Jim's writing classes are popular and successful because he excels as a teacher.  He presents ideas and information clearly and answers questions in a direct and supportive manner. He has the unique gift of motivating others by providing constructive feedback and generously making himself accessible for questions and advice.  Through his guidance, not only has my writing has improved, but I have also gained more confidence as a writer.”  - Carolyn Dougherty, Writer and Author

School Programs


I lead one-day or half-day workshops for elementary school classrooms. My programs introduce writing concepts or genres to students and then provide encouragement and constructive feedback as they try their hand at writing. Programs include time for students to share their work aloud and provide positive feedback for their classmates.

One-day school classroom fee: $100.00 (includes preparatory meeting with school staff prior to the event, workshop presentation, follow-up communication with school staff).

Half-day school classroom fee: $65.00 (includes preparatory meeting with school staff prior to the event, workshop presentation, follow-up communication with school staff).

School classroom program and book-publishing fee: $500.00 (includes preparatory meetings with school staff prior to the event; full-day workshop presentations; follow-up communication with school staff; on-going editing work with students on their writing, set-up, book layout and publishing of book. The book can be used as a school/PTA fundraiser and/or as a special project linked into the school’s curriculum or program.).
School Staff and Parent Comments

“Mr. Farfaglia’s author visit was an unexpected surprise to all of us.  Instead of the focus being on him, he lit the room up with his love of words. This totally involved my students in their own creativity and gave a voice to many emerging poets. Thank you for awakening their talents.”     - Marcia Kowalski, Fairgrieve School teacher

“Jim’s program was entertaining and informative.  I think all of the students greatly benefited.”- John Mercer, Fairgrieve School teacher

“Jim came to Fairley Elementary to facilitate a poetry writing experience for kids.  He was organized and inspiring.  One teacher pointed out that all students were engaged, even a student who refused writing on a daily basis.  The students all walked away feeling that they could successfully write.  What an accomplishment!” - Geri Seward, School Psychologist

"Jim did an excellent job motivating the students to want to write. He made the students feel comfortable with sharing their work. He also provided the positive feedback and encouragement that young writers need.  My students were excited to have him back again." - Lynne Leach, 6th Grade Teacher at Fairgrieve Elementary

"My son came home and wanted to start writing short stories. It really made him use his imagination." - Lynn Kistner, parent