Projects I'm Working On


For more than one hundred years, Nestlé Chocolate Works was a powerful and influential faction in the city of Fulton. Along with the sweet smell of chocolate rising from its eastside location, for generations, the company offered many of the city’s families with good-paying jobs and job security. When the business closed in 2003, it was perhaps the harshest loss Fulton has ever experienced. As our city watched Nestlé buildings being torn down in 2016, I thought about the memories that so many of us hold in our hearts for Nestlé. I am currently conducting interviews with those associated with the factory and/or who are willing to share their memories of it.

Music Book

Working title: Music as an Open Door.

Ever since I published the poetry book, Reach Out in the Darkness: How Pop Music Saved My Mortal Soul, I’ve wanted to dig a little deeper into the topic. I attempted to write a book that would focus on interviews I conducted with others who were also influenced by popular songs, singers and singing groups, but I found the emotional aspects of the subject matter difficult to examine with strangers. I’ve abandoned that idea and am now working on a memoir that will utilize the most important songs of my life to explore how they ushered in powerful changes in my life.

Poems for My Dad.

                                              My father in his work as a mechanical engineer

                                             My father in his work as a mechanical engineer

The relationships we create with our parents are some of the most powerful ones we experience in our lifetime. My dad passed away in 2011, and in the last five years of his life he was faced with some challenging physical and medical conditions. As I witnessed Dad's steady decline, I often turned to poetry to come to terms with what he was going through. At the same time, I was experiencing a lot of introspection about my lifelong relationship with him and poetry helped bring those realizations to light, too. I'm working on a book of those poems, in which I'll try to express the emotions of watching a parent die as I explore the truth of our father-son story.